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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Fack Facebook Likes

As i searched earlier on how to have
targeted fans i bumped into this article
and i thought i shared this one with you
guys. I don't know if this method is
being shared here before. But anyway i
think this is a great trick for those
newbies like me out there. here it
1. Create your email list (you do have
one dont you? ), your list may
contain 1-4k email address.
2. Create an excel file. put "names" in
the first column and "Email ID" in the
second. leave the "names" blank. and
input the email address found in your
list into the "Email ID" column.
3. Save the excel file as .csv
4. Log in into your Facebook Account
5. Click on Friends and then go to Find
Friends (on that page you will see, step
1, step 2, step 3... skype, yahoo, naver,
6. Scroll down and click on " other tools "
7. Select upload contact file, browse for
the .csv file that you created on Step 2.,
click upload contacts.
After uploading there will pop up a
frame with the list of profiles that are
already on facebook based on your list.
8. Tick the box "select all friends" then
all the box inside the frame will be
checked. after that click on "Add
Friends" then a message will appear
that says:
You have just added xxxxx friends in one
click... (Im so amazed when i have
done this. )
and now how will that method above
boost your fan page? Here's how:
1.Go to your Fan Page
2.Click on invite friends
3.then select friends to invite (you
should have plenty of them now ) i
limit my friends invite in 30 a day idk if
i can go beyond that. i will try more
than that if i could create a fake fb
Friend Requests must be confirmed first
before those on the list will be added to
your friends. (does it make sense?
even i is questioning myself if i should
put this P.S. anyway mods delete this if
its irrelevant. )
Hope these helps.

1 comment:

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